Helping Prostitutes Become Better Individuals


In some climes, the term “prostitute” is ditched for “sex worker” because the term “prostitute” has a derogatory undertone to it. Many times, it exposes people who are involved in the occupation to prejudicing treatment from people in the society. In this article, we will seek to find answers to some questions such as,

What drives a person into prostitution?

What keeps a person in prostitution?

How can a prostitute become a better individual?

What Drives a Person Into Prostitution? In different parts of the world, there are different reasons why people involve themselves in the act of prostitution. Some of these reasons include

– Poor financial condition

– Sexual curiosity

– Peer influence

– Childhood sexual abuse

– Drug abuse

Why do people choose to stay in this line of work? Let’s review some reasons below

  • What Keeps A Person in Prostitution?

Sex addiction, drug addiction, lack of finances plus low self-esteem. These are some of the reasons that keep people in the act of prostitution even when they are not happy with themselves. Some sex workers consider the occupation the only thing they can do with their lives, and this mindset drives a lot of them into self-subjugation.

How Can A Prostitute Become a Better Individual

Before you can help a person fix the problem of prostitution, you should make attempts to find out why the person is a prostitute.

Many prostitutes are fazed with the challenges of addictions, physical abuse, emotional trauma, and shame. It is most times a build-up of feelings that come from being objectified and demeaned over time.

Firstly, prostitutes are people with feelings. This is the first step in helping them, you should relate with them as people with their own desires and feelings, not as sexual objects.

One of the major driving forces of prostitution is poverty as most prostitutes don’t think they have any alternative source of livelihood. You can help prostitutes by providing an alternative source of income for them or by helping them with resources to make money elsewhere.






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