Demerits of Being a Prostitute

Some people usually refer to prostitution as being one of the oldest profession known to man. It has always been a subject which sparks controversy.

For instance, some people are of the belief that, prostitution should be legalized, because it could be a form of strict regulation for the sex industry. It would ensure that the prostitutes are protected from the abuse and diseases which are likely to be gotten in the industry.

However, the fact still remains that, prostitution is a profession which is destructive and dirty as well. It is not possible for sex to be sold, and the woman is not damaged in any form, in the process. A woman who makes her living by basically selling her body, would certainly have a low self-esteem, and a poor body image of herself.

In addition to this, it would also make the woman feel degraded and worthless as well. Research has shown that, money is usually the deciding factor which makes women go into prostitution.

Some of them are known to have an history of sexual abuse, while others usually claim that their sexuality is quite different, and it is what prompted them to become prostitutes. Prostitution is always a choice which is made in desperation.

Prostitution has a damaging effect on women who indulge in the act. In a good number of cases, they are very likely to suffer from all forms of hardships because of the nature of their profession. These set of people are more likely to contract any type of disease because they sleep with a large number of men whose health history is unknown.

In addition to this, prostitutes are more likely to be victims when violent crimes occur. It is hard for security operatives to defend prostitutes because of the kind of work which they do. Prostitutes are also known to be mentally and emotionally unstable a good number of times.

They are also at the lowest level on the societal ladder because of the unworthiness of their profession, as there is a stigma which is attached to every one of them.






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