Damage caused by Prostitution

Prostitutes work in their industry for a variety of reasons. Some people who work as prostitutes want to be in their industry and some do not. This blog certainly recognizes that not all prostitutes are victims, and many choose the life of a prostitute for sound economical reasons or as an expression of their sexual identity.

However, it has also been observed and studied that prostitution does commonly have damaging effects on prostitutes. Not in every case, but on the whole, prostitutes are more likely to suffer physical, mental and circumstantial hardships due to their profession than other professionals.

Physically, prostitutes are more susceptible to disease and violence than other professionals. Disease, of course, is often in the form of sexually transmitted disease, but can also be any other transmittable disease that is acquired through close proximity to a diseased person. Prostitutes are also at a higher risk of being the victims of violent crimes. Police forces statistically are less able to defend prostitutes than other citizens because of the shady, intimate situations they end up in.

Prostitutes commonly experience more mental and emotional hardships than other professionals. This is largely because prostitution is heavily entrenched in stigmas. Prostitutes are often thought of as the lowest rung on the societal ladder. The opinions, stereotypes and judgments placed on prostitutes can be cruel, abusive, unjust and largely inaccurate. These stigmas result in feelings of degradation, powerlessness and worthlessness. It is also common for a prostitute to have abusive relationships in their life.

And lastly, a prostitute’s life circumstances are often very disadvantaged. Disadvantage is often one of the reasons people choose a life of prostitution. It is rare that a person desires to be a prostitute. Most prostitutes enter the sex industry because they need the money. Sadly, prostitution leads to very few opportunities. It more often leads to more disadvantage than it does to prosperity.






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