Undoing the Damage Caused by Prostitution

Prostitution is often called the oldest profession in the world for how far back it dates, and it has always been a highly controversial subject. Some people believe that it should be universally legalized, claiming that it would regulate the sex industry, protect the prostitutes from abuse and disease and keep the industry out of the black market.

The truth is, the profession of prostitution is an inherently destructive one. There is no way to sell sex and not do damage to the women who are sold. Making a living selling one’s body can only lead to low self-image, degradation, objectification and feelings of worthlessness.

Studies reveal that money is overwhelmingly the deciding factor that influences women toward a life of prostitution. Some have a history of sexual abuse while others claim that their own personal sexuality influenced them toward prostitution. Regardless, prostitution is never described as a first choice. It is always a choice made in desperation.

The reason women do not desire to be prostitutes is because the profession oversteps the inherent boundary every person has around the right to control of their own body, and to choose who they become physically intimate with.

By becoming a prostitute, women are handing over control of their body to their pimp and their johns. Surrendering control of one’s body strips them of power that their human rights entitle them to. It is unnatural and detrimental, resulting in feelings of powerlessness, worthlessness and degradation.

Fortunately, for women who are ready to leave the sex industry and regain their dignity, there are medical institutions and mental health professionals who are prepared to assist former prostitutes in their recovery. Prostitution can cause years of mental damage and emotional scarring, and some women are not capable of recovering on their own. Many require the services of a shelter, rehabilitation center or professional counselor.






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