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A Life of Prostitution

Posted on March 19, 2015  in Uncategorized

prostitute's lifeThe lives of prostitutes are not easy ones. There is hardly one type of prostitute. Prostitutes are individuals who range immensely in who they are as people. Some professional prostitutes are in the sex industry by choice while others were forced into it. Some want to be there, some are prostituting out of necessity and some want out of the industry all together. The only consistent commonality between prostitutes is that they have sex for a living, but who they are as people and why they are prostitutes ranges a great deal.

There are many professional prostitutes who are in the sex industry willingly, by their own choice. This includes people who enjoy their line of work and people who choose to cope with its hardships for the money. A vast majority of professional prostitutes have been found to be the latter. A small percentage are there because they enjoy their work while a majority of those who prostitute themselves willingly do so strictly for the money and nothing else.

Then there are those who prostitute themselves because they feel like they have no other choice. This is not to say they are being forced into it in the truest sense of the word, but rather their low self esteem, desperate life circumstances or a bullying pimp is telling them that they need to stay. This is a form of victimization over a prostitute because, like any job, prostitutes should always feel safe and free to move on from their profession whenever they want.

And the last type of prostitute Рthe one that is a true tragedy  and illegality Рis the prostitute who has been forced into their line of work. This quite literally means they are abducted or raised into a life of prostitution. They were either sold or abducted as children into the sex trade and therefore psychologically conditioned to belong to it, or they were kidnapped and drugged, then sold into prostitution against their will. This is a violation against human rights in every sense of the term and needs to be treated as such globally.

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